Ever wondered how it would be to become a politician for a day? There are no hidden aspects in the fact that government politicians have a tremendous life. And when I say tremendous, I refer to both, practical work and social life, parts in the existence of every person.

Only here, at www.alainmadelin.com , you are able to find out about the latest strategies involved in the evolution of economy in France, about the entire biography of Alain Madelin and also, about the former positions occupied by this minister, and what accomplishments had he reached during his reign.

Story of a France Minister: Alain Madelin

This website has been built with the sole purpose of informing the francophone’s about the personal and political career of this great man, as well as for creating a community in which every person could join and share their beliefs.

The Paris boy, born on 26 March 1946, managed to reach the peak of his career at a very fragile age (in political terms). During his political career, he occupied many positions, starting from a small popular movement position to even running for the president position, of France. I will present you in the following section the whole political background of this extraordinary man, which finished more projects during his era than the previous 2 ex-ministers, combined:

Functions in Government

  • Minister of Tourism and Industry
  • Minister of Finance and Economy
  • Minister of Economic Development and Enterprises

European Parliament Positions

  • Member of European Parliament (2 warrants)

Municipal Council Elections

  • Mayor of Redon
  • Municipal councilor of Redon

Political Functions

  • President of Liberal Democracy
  • Vice-president of the Republican Party
  • Vice-president of the Union for French Democracy

Regional Council Elections

  • Regional councilor of Brittany
  • Vice-president of the Regional Council of Brittany

Considering this top positions that Alain Madelin occupied, the experience accumulated is of a very high quality, as the sectors under the control of this man, are from the most important ones in France economy and tourism industry.

Actions and Implications of Alain Madelin

Being a self-proclaimed fan of the United States ideas and conceptions of world order, there is no wonder why actions that depended only by his approval tended to overcome the national feeling imprisoned in the constraints that marked the France society.

His newly promoted programs are stuffed with revolutionary ideas, specially designed in order to increase the well-being of citizens and to prosper the country’s economy.

Having such tremendous implications in the national conception, Alain Madelin’s ideas are highly debated in any part of France, and on many social media environments. Politicians, scientists and economy doctors, among simple citizens, all share their thoughts and beliefs, in order to help announce the revolution that tends to be impossible to be stopped.

About Us

New actions and events need to be made in order to increase the mass well-being. To regain the confidence of French, a sentiment of security should be spread over them.

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Exploring Recent Events in France – Benefits of Using a Dog Playpen Indoor

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Benefits of constructing and utilizing an exercise pen are that they perform operations similar to that of a dog crate which helps to boost and make house training easier and simpler. Your pup in training can be close to you due to the movability and handiness of the exercise pen. Your pup or dog can be inside the pen which made them be in a confined region rather than the crate. The pen provides a safe, confined region for a puppy or dog outside, instead of them scattering the whole place. Pens are made from lightweight material and can be easily assembled which make them ideal for enclosed areas while travelling. The region in a pen could be a suitable place for a dog who is just recovering from illness or surgery. These dogs have to be isolated from other healthy ones.

The downside of using an exercise dog pen is due to its portability. The pens are made from lightweight materials and portable which made them not suitable for a large breed pup. Most of them don’t have a large capacity to contain larger dogs in which case a dog kennel may be the perfect fit. You don’t need any anchor for these kinds of exercise pens.

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Best Pocket Knife Sharpener for French Campsites

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener for French Campsites

If you have an interest in camping, fishing, or hunting, then make sure that you bring along with you a pocket knife sharpener because it will be useful in carrying out these activities. Also, the knife must be sharp at all time if you want things to go well while you are out in these uninhabited areas. Choosing the best pocket knife sharpener is vital because of the various brand of knives available in the market. This will enable you to make a knowledgeable decision.

Below are some of the most popular brands and models under the pocket knife sharpener:

  1. Wusthof 2899 2-Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener

This particular brand of knife sharpener has two slots in which the user can single out which slot to use. The label attached to it make it easy for identification. You have to set the coarse carbide heads on the knife’s edge before the sharpening process. The next thing to do after sharpening is the honing task which will go along with the fine ceramics rods.

  1. Lansky Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener

This brand incorporated two sharpening technologies (tungsten carbide and ceramic) in designing their product. Tungsten carbide help in sharpening the blade while ceramic help to remove roughness and make the edges even. When you purchase this product, it will come with a 365-day warranty on workmanship and tools. There is also a rubber over-molded grip which will give you comfort while sharpening knives.

  1. Gerber 04307 Coarse/Fine Pocket Gerber Knife Sharpener

This is an inexpensive sharpener that you can get at a very cheap cost of about $10. The device is a lightweight material and it is well-compacted. It is suitable for home use or for exploration.

Before buying a pocket knife sharpener, you will have to put some things into consideration like the type of knives that you are presently using at home or in any other locations. Among the types of knives are the straight knives, serrated knives, etc. Endeavour to choose the best pocket knife sharpener that perfectly suits you. Since the sharpener is portable and handy, you can take it along with you to any place of your choice.

New Events in France: Get an Account from a Lol Epic Shop

New Events in France: Get an Account from a Lol Epic Shop


One of the most prominent games on the internet at this point is the league of legends. This game brings people from around the globe in the gaming community and all lifestyles to play this game and challenge each other. There are various places you can get a league of legends account; the lol epic shop is among these places. It is hard understanding the adventure of playing in a magical realm, especially for those who have never participated in an online battle arena.

League of legends exceptionally congregates many players from around the globe; one of the adventures on the player’s part in playing this game is having new skins. Thereby making your character look trendy and not increasing your characters strength and ability. This feature of changing skin in the game is a path to getting boredom bowled-over and players enjoy every moment consumed playing the game. When these type of games were introduced to the gaming community, they were varied from those available.

In addition to the new skin feature, players do not in any way lose their achievements because reviews gotten from players about this feature describes the experience of starting a new game. Besides, the chance to unlock new characters is allowed with some of the skins. Everyone know that new characters come with new skills, making the advancement of a player in the game a lot easier. Unlocking new characters seems great.

You can also get skins for league of legends from the lol epic shop or you can gain them during your adventure. As mentioned earlier, it is guaranteed that the experience you get from new skins gives the player more excitement for every moment consumed playing this game online.

Fotos Novois Paris- Creating Memorable Photographs

Fotos Novois Paris- Creating Memorable Photographs

Contemporary luxury wedding photography is more than just beautiful pictures: your choice of the wedding photographer would impact the flow of arguably the most special day of your life. Actually, you would probably spend more time with your fotos novios Paris photographer than any other person on your Special Day. Selecting a wedding photography can look like an overwhelming task.

The world’s outstanding wedding photographers of today have at least 4 essential skills:

  • Inconspicuous photojournalism (fair or documentary photos loaded with emotion)
  • Fun Publishing and professional Impact (photos that get everyone talking on Facebook)
  • Family portrait pictures (gorgeously composed, sharp, and bright pictures that your parents and grandparents would cherish)
  • Details, decoration, environment and performance (the material of inspiration that any popular editor of a bridal publication would look for)

Although there is no exact science on how to select a fotos novios Paris photographer, but there are definitely ways to ensure that you made the right choice.

Be Calculated

This point is to decide exactly how your day should go and search for a photographer who will work with this. Also, remember, this is your wedding day, not some sort of photo shoot. Plan around how you want the celebrations to go and not around how the vendor wants it.

Find the moments

When a photographer introduces himself as a photojournalist, look attentively at all the photos on his/her website. What kind of moment(s) is he/she capturing? Study a photographer’s words with his/her work. Be sure of it that they provide what they promise.

Keep the price in place

When you are searching for a fotos novios Paris photographer, keep in mind that price is not everything. Also remember that your photos will last much longer than flowers or food. If photography is vital to you, try to set aside a bigger share of your budget for it. And if the price of a photographer is way out of your budget, attempt to tell them respectfully what you can pay for.


Window Tinting Perth – Tinting the Windows in Your Home

Window Tinting Perth – Tinting the Windows in Your Home


The application style, as well as the kind of film you decide to go with, will have an effect on the total price you‘d have to pay to have your windows tinted. There are two fundamental application choices; professional installation by a window tinting Perth service provider and do-it-yourself. The sort of window film and the kind of window it is going to be applied on largely determine the application procedure.

The basic application process starts with a comprehensive cleaning of the window. After the windows are cleaned and measured, the film is cut to have an extra ¾ – 1 inch (about 1.9 to 2.54 cm) of material on every side. The next step then involves exposing the adhesive coating. If you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, it would be a great idea if you asked a friend to help you separate the protective liner and the adhesive so that the film does not fasten to itself.

Due to the fact that water activated adhesives are mostly used for window films, a wetting solution has to be sprayed on the window and film. The films can then be applied to the window with the adhesive part facing the window. The recommendation is that a squeegee is used to smoothen out any imperfections or bubbles, with more wetting solution to give a look that’s more consistent. Once you have a smooth film, you can then go ahead and trim the excess film. To remove all traces of water, blot the surface. Normally, window films require a bit of time to cure or dry out. The process can take as little as a couple of days or as much as a month.

While it’s obvious that deciding to hire the services of a window tinting Perth provider will be more expensive than going the do-it-yourself route, it’s also essential to note that various brands of window films are sold exclusively through professional installers.


The Implications of GST Filing for a Singapore Company

The Implications of GST Filing for a Singapore Company


The importation of goods and services into Singapore and the supply of Goods and services in Singapore attracts a consumption tax referred to as Goods and Services Tax (GST), an indirect comprehensive tax levy also known as Value Added Tax (VAT) in many other countries. With GST filing, the tax authorities report on a quarterly basis to the Singapore tax department with the amount invoiced and collected.


Registration; Compulsory or mandatory for my company?

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a self-estimated system of taxation and companies need to assess the need to register incessantly. The registration of businesses can be either compulsory or voluntary.

Compulsory Registration

Compulsory GST Registration is applicable when

  • Your business turnover for 12 months is more than 1 million SGD. This is known to be the retrospective basis, or
  • Your business is, without a doubt, expecting for the next 12 months to make a turnover of more than 1 million SGD due to sales performance. This can be referred to as the prospective basis.

Failing to register your business will attract penalties.

Voluntary Registration

If you are not subject to compulsory registration, you may register on a voluntary basis if only you meet the requirements below:

  • Your business turnover annually is more than 1 million SGD, or
  • You are an out-of-scope supplier (supplying services outside the shores of Singapore), or
  • Your supplies of services financially are considered foreign services


Registration Exemption

A business that deals with zero-rated supplies is exempted from the GST filing, regardless if the tax rate exceed the registration requirement. Zero-rated products are taxable but the tax rate is nil on input supplies. Since the cost to you is input tax, consider this is an escape from the GST registration. You will not be paying tax to the IRAS but rather you will be reclaiming.


Strategies of the Political class: Considerations for Giving a Corporate Gift

Strategies of the Political class: Considerations for Giving a Corporate Gift

There are many considerations when picking a Singapore corporate giftsuch as the brand image, theme, and budget to name but a few. Here are other considerations;

Know the Goal of the Corporate Gift

It is vital to understand that various corporate gifts have different goals, especially in Singapore. The corporate gifts that you issue out to convention goers made up primarily offend users are going to differ from the gifts you issue out to an industry convention made up of industry insiders. Ensure you know the difference.

Ensure the corporate gift is something unique

While you go to the extreme to buy expensive gifts, prepare for their cost. Normally, the exclusivity of the products comes with a huge price tag. That is why it is a good idea to meet the expectations of your customers halfway. Offer them a semi-exclusive gift.

Corporate Gifts ought to be practical and visible

Remember that when you are giving out corporate gifts, you would want your receiver to be able to show them off. You would want people to make others aware of your brand. You do not want to give a gift that is simple to hide and is so bland that it blends with the background. If these are the types of gifts you have been gifting, you have really missed the point. A Singapore corporate gift should not only be useful and functional but should also attract attention.

A proper corporate gift must have the basics covered

What are the ”basics” in giving gifts?

It’s very simple: good gifts need to protect style, quality, and class. These three elements must be inherent in your gift. They are not negotiable. No matter the size of the gift, no matter how expensive it is, and no matter who you will give it to. You must have covered all these three factors.