The application style, as well as the kind of film you decide to go with, will have an effect on the total price you‘d have to pay to have your windows tinted. There are two fundamental application choices; professional installation by a window tinting Perth service provider and do-it-yourself. The sort of window film and the kind of window it is going to be applied on largely determine the application procedure.

The basic application process starts with a comprehensive cleaning of the window. After the windows are cleaned and measured, the film is cut to have an extra ¾ – 1 inch (about 1.9 to 2.54 cm) of material on every side. The next step then involves exposing the adhesive coating. If you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, it would be a great idea if you asked a friend to help you separate the protective liner and the adhesive so that the film does not fasten to itself.

Due to the fact that water activated adhesives are mostly used for window films, a wetting solution has to be sprayed on the window and film. The films can then be applied to the window with the adhesive part facing the window. The recommendation is that a squeegee is used to smoothen out any imperfections or bubbles, with more wetting solution to give a look that’s more consistent. Once you have a smooth film, you can then go ahead and trim the excess film. To remove all traces of water, blot the surface. Normally, window films require a bit of time to cure or dry out. The process can take as little as a couple of days or as much as a month.

While it’s obvious that deciding to hire the services of a window tinting Perth provider will be more expensive than going the do-it-yourself route, it’s also essential to note that various brands of window films are sold exclusively through professional installers.