Recent events tend to trigger more and more the hidden consciousness of the mass. With the latest actions and declarations of France’s ministers, the citizens observe the unforgiving and careless treatment that they are enduring for the past 5 years.

The continuous war between the Islam activists and the innocent people doesn’t seem to get to an end in the near future, as more and more victims and incidents are taking place. Beside the many reasons and implications of the social and religious background, a major role in this transaction is granted by the political offers, which give the impression of tolerance and commodity.

Alain Madelin Politic Offer

In the following section, I will resume the main aspects that the former minister of France considers to be the most critics, in the year 2017.

Before stating the main steps of the program, it is very important that it should be constructed in order to assure its pedagogy and to offer a clear and coherent guideline to the main objectives and targets.

The top 5 directions to be consolidated and improved should be based on the next statements, and they are as follows:

  1. “We don’t have a crisis, we live a change”
  • This is probably the hardest thing to be created. During a transition period, fears and tensions rise from almost nothing and due to different concepts about life.
  • Such a period of change has a huge level of delicacy as creative destructions must be performed, and fights are to be taken by “newcomers” and “nostalgics”.
  1. “We live with a dangerous financial situation”
  • The context of the very low inflation force The European Central Bank to pursue a policy of interest rate 0, on a long-term basis, as for the need of providing liquidity through it.
  • In order to avoid the debt trap that threatens France, the only way resides in the highness of the growth towards the interest rates.
  • This aspect seems to be far from being achieved nowadays, as current potential growth has undoubtedly dropped well below 1%.
  1. “Society improvements must be performed urgently”
  • Considering the idea that we all have a human dignity to respect and care for, actions must be made in order to provide a minimum income of solidarity to those who are permanently deprived of jobs, who struggle at the limit of survival.
  • These events must be triggered and their consequences must not affect the proper functioning and balance of France’s insurance and welfare systems.
  1. “In order to obtain a new growth, we must change the cape”
  • The actual system, present in the right, left and employer side’s economy, is based on the idea that companies that have spent more than 15 years paying wages than productivity gains are freed from paying taxes to the state.
  • In order to regain the competitiveness on the France productivity market, the cost of labor should drop considerably.
  1. “A new political approach should be imposed for France’s parliament”
  • The central base apoplexy and extremities paralysis model that runs nowadays in France should imperatively change and suffer a redistribution of powers to the benefit of customers, citizens and businesses.