There are loads of different kinds of air fittings but the majority of air tools use only one type from a couple of connectors. The major considerations are the types of fitting and the thread size. A majority of buyers are on the lookout for fittings to use with a compressor or new tool or just simple replacement fittings.

There are various types but the most popular ones are referred to as either;

  • Euro (also known as Hi-Flow)
  • Standard/Airflow/Type 19

These kinds of air fittings are occasionally known by other names in some parts or regions of the world. They cannot be used interchangeably and the advice to buyers is that they should begin afresh with just one type to ensure certainty and compatibility in the future.

Vertex of Standard Fittings

Standard fittings, also known as Airflow or Type19, is one of the most popular types of fittings. They are suitable for use with Vertex couplings and PCL Standard. And due to the fact that Vertex couplings have a double action mechanism, they are ideally suited to trailing air line applications in garages.

Vertex Couplings

These are quick release couplings with a double action feature that makes them suitable for tire bay environments (e.g hand-held tire inflation tools and portable air tools) and trailing hose applications for use in garages.

Air Hose Kits

Air line hoses are usually supplied along with a variety of threads so it’s important that care is taken when ordering suitable air fittings that are compatible with them. Threads can be described as either female or male threads. A female thread is usually an internal thread while a male thread always tends to be an external thread. There is also an extensive availability of Reducing Unions as well as Gender Changers.