Alain Madelin is former France minister, with a huge social impact on the community life. Being so popular in his domain, many people wrote about his accomplishments and about his life, for the sole purpose of informing the mass about the places he lived and actions he made.

The domain focuses on the social and cultural background that conferred this man such a big power and popularity. In the following section, I will present you a short review about the biography of Alain Madelin.

Hometown and Childhood

Having a quite normal early life and family, he spent his entire childhood in Belleville, Paris. The family hadn’t had so much money, and the constraints imposed during his life were about the level of a mediocre type.

  • Father: Gaetan Madelin (specialized worker at Renault)
    •    Mother: Aline Madelin (housekeeper)

Born with a natural instinct of involving in the social problems of his community, he suffered a shock at the viewing of Evian’s agreements. In order to act on this direction, at the age of only 16 years, he committed to the national cause and became very familiar with the far left militants.

Career Development

Struggling with the conceptions deeply implanted in France people’s mind, he didn’t forget to focus on developing a great career. Thus, in 1968, Alain Madelin followed the Assas’ law school and in 1971 he has been sworn as a lawyer.

Another important moment during his life was being part of the Valery Giscard d’Estaing staff, who has been elected president in 1974. In this position, he was elected deputy for Ille-et-Vilaine and become vice-president of the Regional Council of Brittany.

The premises were looking very good for him, and as a result, in 1986, he has been named Minister of Industry, Posts and Telecommunications and Tourism. This position was suited to him only for a few years, as he was named later Minister of Business and Economic Development.

Trying to Become a President

In the year of 2002, Alain Madelin found himself running for the presidential chair in France. In order to reimburse the expenses during his campaign, it would have been required to obtain a minimum of 5% threshold. Sadly, he hadn’t reached this milestone, and being financially cornered, he rejoined the UMP party.

After passing through these experiences, he managed to get on the right direction, and founded, along with Henri Lepage, the Euro 92 Institute in the 1990s. This institution became one of the most valuable sources of research and scientific articles in terms of currency, environment and health.

Even if life hasn’t been very kind to him, the stability of his life settled down. At this moment, the former minister is a lawyer at the Paris Bar, divorced, having 3 children. Also, since November 2007, he runs the Global Solidarity Fund that focuses on the human rights of the prosecuted people around the entire world.