If you are a regular tea drinker, you will agree that there is nothing more relaxing than listening to your tea kettle whistling. The sound captures your attention to the fact that it is time to enjoy a soothing and warm cup of tea. In the market, you will find various tea options, so also various flavorings. One of the most popular is the Bergamot oil. You will find it a surprise that your choice of the best stovestop tea kettle will have an effect on the flavor, so also the height with which you pour the water from. It is very important you consider the following options carefully before you make a decision on which to buy.

There are various materials that a modern whistling tea kettle can be fabricated from, each of the material having both their advantage and disadvantage.

  • A whistling tea kettle fabricated from stainless steel tend to be durable, easy to clean and will not dent or tarnish.
  • One of the cheapest material that most manufacturers resort to is aluminum. It is lighter than stainless steel and it will not the test of wear and tear over a period.
  • In terms of beauty, opting for a copper tea kettle is an ideal They easily conduct heat so they tend to boil quickly. It is important to be aware that copper needs more cleaning and they dent more easily.
  • Glass tea kettle is a more stylish option and it is also easy to clean. The beauty with this option is that you can see how your water is boiling but they are not as durable as the metal options. It is important to have a piece of metal between your heat source and the glass kettle as it can result in your glass kettle breaking.
  • The Chantel tea kettle option has an extra-large opening and it has a decorative enamel. If you ensure that proper care is given to the coating, the beauty will remain and it will counterattack rusting.

Regardless if you take your tea with milk or perhaps with lemon, the best stovestop tea kettle will ensure that you whistling healthy.