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You must consider that is an online platform in which every person can publish his opinion and thoughts about the new ideas affirmed by the former minister.

Thus, the necessity of visiting or speaking with Alain Madelin has been considerably reduced, marked as a win-win situation for both parties. Within this platform, you are able to exchange ideas with specialist from all domains of activity, as they are highly interested about the newly imposed directions of the economy.

Meanwhile, if you have certain fears about the former Redon mayor, you can read about his life, places he grew, about his family and his career ascension. More than this, you can also have a look at the best works and publications released by Alain Madelin, read them, and comment in the special designed area about the impression left upon you.

Facebook: In order to get and talk personally to the former minister, you may either get to his lawyer office in Paris, or reach him on Facebook at “Libre échange avec Alain Madelin”

Be kind and show respect, as for gratitude of the man he is. Alain Madelin’s current address can’t be found on the internet, so it is necessary to ask him on his official Facebook page about it.


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