An individual should be in their bed for an average of 7 hours. As regards to patients with low back pain, that amount of time on their mattresses should be of comfort rather than discomfort. Understanding how difficult it is choosing from the variety of mattresses available in the market. Guidelines that can be of assistance when choosing the best mattress for back pain are as follows:

  1. Always give the patients choice more attention, because the pain is personal. Whatever mattress they believe meets their needs for comfort, supports and a guaranteed good night rest without discomfort that should be good enough for them. There really is not a specific brand or category of a mattress for low back pain patients.


  1. Before choosing a mattress, basic understanding about the makeup is important. It will be useful having information about the support components, the comfort components, and the base. This will help in distinguishing your choice from the rest. Despite having the basic understanding required, the final choice is determined by individual preference.


  1. For pleasure, the support component of the mattress needs much attention. The best mattress for back pain should offer support to the body’s natural curves and promote neutral spinal alignment.


  1. The comfort component is also as important as the support component. Individuals vary with their choices of mattresses. Individuals could be side sleepers, stomach sleepers or back sleepers. There are various mattresses designed to meet the needs of these categories of individuals based on their sleeping styles. A medium firm mattress is best for back-sleepers, a mattress with slight softness is best for side sleepers and a firmer mattress will be the best for stomach sleepers to keep them afloat and to give them a greater level of comfort.