You are bound to find types of hydraulic splitters when you go shopping for one, the electrically powered option, the manually powered option and finally the gas-powered option. The different type of wood splitter has their varying advantages. If you intend on acquiring the best log splitter, utilize this guide to understand the various wood splitters in the market, thus helping you out when making a choice.

Manual Log Splitter

A manual log splitter has a hydraulic jack placed on its side, and by having the jack pumped you make the rod ram a log against the wedge. Though it a slow process, it is quite effective. It is quiet compared to other options and it is safe and easy to use. The manual log splitter does not gasoline or electricity for it to be utilized for splitting wood. It is the most environmentally friendly option among the log splitters in the market.

Electric Log Splitters

If perchance you are among the homeowners that burn about 2 to 10 cords of wood yearly, you will appreciate the productivity that the electric wood splitter offers. The electric wood splitters are quite lightweight, making them portable and easy to store and maneuver. They are operated with the standard current offered to households, this is a disadvantage to anyone residing in remote areas except there is power generator within their reach. They are also easy and safe to use. In addition, they are also environmentally friendly, in the sense that they do not burn gasoline that leads to the release of toxic fumes. It is suitable for indoor use.

Gas Powered Log Splitters

These are the best options for remote and commercial applications. They are heavy weight machines, thus they require enough space when talking about storage space. They are suitable for use when splitting logs of larger diameters. The engine of the gas powered log splitter is louder than the electric and manual powered wood splitters. They tend to release toxic fumes to the environment, thus are not ideal for indoor use.

One of the factors you can consider when you intend on acquiring the best log splitter is if you are in need of a vertical or a horizontal wood splitter.