Alain Madelin is well-known in France as a former minister, and due to its implications in citizen’s social life. Not only he helped a lot of people, but also managed to keep a balance between the moral and physical duties of a people towards his country, and his society ranking and incomes.

Taking actions in these directions made him one of the most respected politicians in France, and also conferred him a trustiness aura and a devotion sentiment.

Publications and Articles

During his career formation, not only he succeeded achieving his goals, but he also wrote and completed an impressive number of critical and political works, published on many magazines and government platforms.

On this direction, I will present you some of the most important ones, written by the former Redon mayor:

  • Le droit du plus faible (1999)
  • Aux sources du modele liberal francais (1997)
  • Quand les autruches releveront la tete (1995)
  • Chers compatriots… Programme pour un president (1994)
  • Actualite de Frederic Bastiat (1988)
  • Non au desarmement ideologique (1987)
  • Pour un liberer l’ecole, l’enseignement a la carte (1984)

All of these writings formed the man he is at this moment. Probably, one of the most important results during his life, is founding the Institut Euro 92, which features nowadays as one of the most respectable and trustable sources of research articles in health, environment and financial domains.

Infractions and Penalties

Even though Alain Madelin is one on the most calm and respectable person in the entire France parliament, some of his actions didn’t pass unnoticed. As for the fact, during the run for presidency in 1984, he received a penalty for bringing injuries and threats to the France Republic president of that time, Francois Mitterrand.

He stated and reminded about the relation between the president and the former officials of the CSAR, relation presented and debated in the “Your Beauty” magazine.

On the other hand, he recognized that he went way too far with his declarations, and accepted the consequences that followed due to his statements. Many positive considerations and toughs were addressed in his direction, as citizens appreciated his sense of responsibility and social integrity.

Community Services and Prestation

Al these lined up mark a very high implication of Alain Madelin in the cultural, social and economic domains of France. Through these, the former minister attracted the positive aura beside him and gained everyone’s respect and consideration.

These statements are confirmed by winning a lot of elections, demonstrating his popularity among citizens:

  • Member of Parliament for Ille-et-Vilaine
    •    European Parliament
    •    Regional Counselor of Brittany
    •    General Councilor of the canton of Redon
    •    Mayor of Redon