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New actions and events need to be made in order to increase the mass well-being. To regain the confidence of French, a sentiment of security should be spread over them. Also, for the purpose of their goals, France should offer its citizens a greater freedom to act and choose in all areas.

This platform, www.alainmadelin.com, has the purpose of informing the French about Alain Madelin’s strategies and conceptions about how things should be changed in order to reach prosperity and richness. I consider that this source of information is for a very high value to every citizen on Earth, as the aspects exposed in these articles are universally true.

Biography and Publications of Alain Madelin


This website aims to cover all the aspects of the former minister’s life, seen and analyzed from each possible angle. You can find here anything about him, starting from his biography and childhood stories, to even the works and publications that Alain Madelin has released.

Just as a matter of fact, how many of you, the dedicated political critics, read something written by Alain Madelin? I am pretty sure that you don’t even know that France’s former economy minister wrote a lot of them. To increase your interest, I will just give you some taboo topics to research on the Internet and read more about:

  • 5 books and 2 articles
  • 5 elected mandates
  • 6 high responsibility positions occupied
  • 1 disciplinary sanction

A very meticulous opinion has been taken about the political background of this man, completely touched in the next section. Some aspects, like law problems, injuries and financial deficiencies, has been very carefully treated and exposed, as all French people pay a high respect to Alain Madelin and to all good things that he accomplished.

The Strategy Approached in the New Political Offer

The newly proposed political strategy, based on the main 5 directions exposed in the dedicated page, tends to gain some interest among citizens, as more and more visitors go to Alain Madelin’s official platform to read it and share their problems and opinions.

Not only they read and understand the presented ideas, but they are also able to think about improvements and share them with others. It is not easy to have such a great talent of speaking with masses and letting them understand your exposed ideas.

Considering the stated ideas, I highly suggest to any France resident or even tourist, to read and inform himself about Alain Madelin, as this man is pure gold for that country, and represents all the high moral and social values that must be continuously promoted in order to reach the peak of our existence.